Women Writing Easily 

When you learn to be in a relationship with writing as your partner, it will inform you, lead you and open its doors to you.

-Miriam Linderman

If you are a woman who wants to write but you don’t do as much as you’d like to, you are in the right place. If you want writing to flow with ease, welcome.

Whether you’ve written in a journal, taken classes, or even if you have never written but want to, my intention is to help you move more freely so that your writing flourishes. 

Though we will play with different forms, I won’t teach you how to write. Rather, you will discover how to allow yourself to write.

You will learn to enjoy, play and let writing reveal itself to you. 

Creating is innate and inspiration is infinite. You don’t need to fight with yourself or get in your own way.

 Even if you think that something is stopping you, there’s nothing to fix or to unblock. In fact, there is no lock. 

When you understand and experience this natural process, you will flow freely, and writing will lead you.

Welcome to your new adventure.


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