Wrinkled elder woman smiling


Most of the people I hang out with and learn from are about 40 years old and younger.


I adore them.


Their energy is boundless, their dreams endless, and their devotion to making a difference is breath-taking.


Without what they taught me and are teaching me, I wouldn’t be writing this today.


I adore my many younger colleagues and, I also want to honour those of us who are in a different phase, to encourage us to continue creating, to be inspired by them, but not to try to be like them.


Sometimes, I think I am still them, or should be, and I compare.


But only for a moment, until the natural slowing of my age asks me to find its own treasures.


There are several of us eldering ones in these learning circles who catch the glint in our wrinkle-framed eyes and salute each other with a wink.


We have lots of energy left for creating too and will likely be doing so until this journey moves us into that other unknown land.


There’s a lot more for us to say and do and share – and, the pace is different.


Mortality is closer.


We’ve buried our parents, friends, watched illnesses come and sometimes go.


It’s a tender time, a necessary time.


Nothing morose unless we think it so.


Maybe scary, and there’s still time to make peace with reality.


This is a moment to use our native powers to create, create, create.


The muse, that angel of inspiration, is waiting for you to open the door.


Have you not heard the knock, knock, knock?


When I saw the picture of this woman, my heart smiled.


This too is nature, I thought.


This flower must have smiled on others a great deal in her life time, to look like this now.


You and I too can delight at each stage.


With the depth of everything you have known and seen and experienced, what will you create from where you are right now?


How will you make aging a luscious thing?


I’ll bet that someone needs the wisdom you have.


Dream on, dear elder.


Your work has only just begun.


What will it be?! What will it be?!


Photo credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay 



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