When you are absorbed by the burning orange orb of a sunset, toes nestled in warm sands or birdsong echoing through the rustling forest, time stops.


Sensing and feeling, you are noticing and listening to everything inside and outside.


You become the experience of what is around you, and maybe, even thinking gets still.


An act of creativity captivates us like that.


I used to think creativity was a word for artist-types until I realized that everything – whatever we make, produce, solve, make from nothing or everything – is an obvious act of creativity.


The welder who has figured out how to fuse two metal parts.   


The educator who has produced spreadsheets to lead you through a project.


The teen who grabs whatever is in the fridge to cook a meal in the wok.


It’s inborn, our ability to make things.


And that sense of time stopping is why creators create and what gets them coming back for the long game.


But sometimes, we want to create, design, solve, write – but we don’t.


We want to and we say we’re stuck or blocked.


We put pressure on ourselves to “get serious” and then, we shrink and seriously abandon the project. (Who responds to pressure and bullying?)


What If Creating Could Be Easier?


What if your project could proceed easily, and you could find that state of no-thinking, no-judging, no-stopping yourself?


Once you know how you uniquely connect to that state of flow, then that door remains voluntarily unlocked to you.


You immediately recognize the twinge, the discomfort, the weirdness when you are not in that flow space, and at that moment, you can stop what you’re doing and allow the space of flow to come to you.


When you understand how to create the conditions for flow, you’ll be able to recreate them again and again.


Then, when you show up to the page, you’ll know what to listen for, notice and sense.


The article you are reading now is not the article I first began.


I could feel the discomfort as I continued writing during my first attempt.  


I was trying too hard.


I had an objective that involved convincing my readers. (Have you ever tried convincing someone without the angst of wanting to win? Not a place that I want to come from or enjoy.)


I felt mechanical and stilted.


And, most of all, I could not feel my heart or compassion in my message.


There are many signs and many ways of opening creative doors.


If you are a woman who loves writing, check this out


Because sometimes, you do not want to keep dipping your one toe in the water.


Send me a message, send me questions.


Take a look at what’s new overall here. 


Most of all follow your gut and your heart.





P.S. You can find many short posts here too.

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