Ostrich with head in the sandWe see this all the time. People comparing themselves to others as if someone out there has THE ONE answer about how to be, what to do, or what’s important to have.

That game works for a while.

And then it breaks down.

Those costumes we try on start to fray and itch.

The smile we pasted on our face begins to slide off.

Turns out the job we worked so hard to get sucks up our family time.

And the person we thought we’d be with forever is not as committed to our personal development as we believed.

When we stop paying attention to what is going on and avoid reality, we end up in trouble.

The alternative is to stay awake for the truth and take the smallest action forward.

Because every time we champion or support ourselves or act on our own behalf, it brings us closer to who we truly are and what we long to express in the world.

One new action.

From there, everything is possible.

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