What Would You Do Without Your Body?

Objectified 2Unfortunately, if you are like many people, you use your body as a weapon against yourself.

You place most of your value and how you see yourself on your body and physical appearance – and this objectifies you.

Imagine treating another human being like an object, a thing. That’s what it’s like.

Of course, you don’t think of it that way.

You probably would not admit to it.

And yet, when you separate your body from your mind and heart, you do just that.

You do that especially if you think a lot about how you look to others and don’t like the way you look. That’s object-making.

Some of you hate your bodies. Or parts of your bodies. Is that true? Is it right?

Your body receives sensations – touch, smell, sight, sound, taste and intuitive hits.

Your body holds feelings, thoughts, ideas, imagination, dreams, creativity, movement, and expression.


Did you ever wonder what would happen if you did not have a body?

It sounds crazy, and yet when you really think about it, the way we live in our heads and disconnect from what is happening in our bodies is stunning. 

The way we think about our bodies as separate from who we are is outrageous, too. Would you be here without it?

Try to notice a feeling without it, a thought, an idea, and an intuition.

Try to receive sensations without it.

Try to know what you like, who you love, what you care about – without your body. 

Try to find your deepest longings, your values, and your dreams without it.

Try to hug another human being.

Without your body, there is no life. It’s so simple.

You cannot  hate this vehicle of  life.

Instead, decide to reclaim it. 

Consider What You Are Doing To Yourself 

When you discount the wonder of your body, your self-esteem hits rock bottom.

When you continually say things to yourself about your body that hurt you – words that no one would want to hear – you hurt yourself.

The opposite is also true. 

As you consider the great miracle of your body and use words of self-acknowledgment, your self esteem rises.

Consider the wonder of your body-container.

  • What does your body give you?

  • What does it show you?

  • How many ways are you grateful for your body today?

  • What would answering those questions and appreciating yourself give you in the short-term and long-term?

For focused help and a champion on your journey, contact me today. I have a lot of experience and tools to tailor to your needs and style.

Over to You 

If you want to make a difference in your life, grab a journal and start connecting with the answers to the questions above. 

Then drop me a line. What did you discover? If you had any range of an AHA moment, share it with others here.

It makes a difference to everyone who struggles that something good worked out for you. You matter.

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  1. what a great SIMPLE reminder, Miriam….just we are all one, I am ‘all one’.

  2. Margo, I love that. You’ve just taken this one step further. We are all One on all levels. I will have to use that in an upcoming blog.Thanks.

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