A Co-Active Life

There is a community of (amazingly loving) people around the world who were trained as coaches and leaders through the Coaches Training Institute where the Co-Active model was born. It serves us in many ways. The model is multi-faceted and has many layers. In its simplest form it speaks to the importance of paying attention to how we are being in the world as we are doing what we are doing.

A few months ago, I left a full-time corporate position to develop my coaching business. That kind of creativity requires time and spaciousness, which I had been unable to find with a time-consuming job.

Upon leaving, I decided to do the opposite of what I had done in my work and private life up until then. I decided to let go of that driven pressure to immediately figure out the perfect niche, get as many clients as possible, and be pushed by external messages of productivity. I wanted freedom from the anxiety that pressure like that produce in me.

Instead, I pursued a more organic way of working on my coaching practice, where feminine principles could come together to enlighten me about my calling and next steps.  Listen and look at these magnificent words describing the Feminine space and “co” way of being: patience, paradox, process, waiting with, receptivity, mystery, silence, containment, conception, transformation, emergence. Go back and slowly let these words simmer inside you. This is how the “co” in co-active works, as container for what wants to be born.

The “active” is the laser-focused, discriminating, directed Masculine energy of doing the work of writing this blog and moving action forward today.

This is the magical combination of being and doing in a co-active life.

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  1. Thank you for these words, and for encouraging me to “Go back and slowly let these words simmer inside you.” I am learning to embrace Co, and the words evoked magic on my second (slower) read.

  2. Yes. This is a great way to live. Hurray for you. My first comment as I officially and seriously launch my co-active blogging life.

  3. Just what I need to hear right now. awesome!

  4. That’s what every blogger wants to hear, yes?

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