Say hello to you heart

Have you ever pushed yourself too hard?


I did that for a long time, consistently.


Building a business takes years of learning, hours of work and my days were often draining and discouraging, probably because I was so tired.


Eventually, I burned out – though I didn’t know it at the time.


I thought it was normal to put tons of pressure on myself.


Finally, when I just didn’t feel right any more, I took a program in a spiritual business community.


There I learned a daily morning practice, somewhat like the meditation techniques I had learned.


As we became still, we noticed whatever was there – feelings in the body, the emotional field, thoughts and our overall state of being.


The first step was to say hello (my words) to all of it.


And then we gently focused our attention on the heart.


Rather than learning a new technique or tool, we were DEVELOPING A RELATIONSHIP with the heart.


This made perfect sense to me, since I spent so much time inside my head rattling, figuring, and figuring some more, disconnected from my whole body.


There was a lot of above-my-neck churning, and no attention on the emotional messages that were also part of the WHOLE.


Intellectually, I knew better, as you probably do.


But I would ask my head before I would feel into my heart.


I soon learned how important and critical it was for me to connect with my WHOLE BEING when something emotional is up for me, or else the pile of trouble returns.


Moreover, I still need reminders, because the conditioning to go straight to thinking is fiercely entrenched.


Over time, I could dismiss myself only so long before that big pile of unacknowledged thinking resembled a 20-car pile-up crash on the highway.




The heart has a knowledge of its own.


It tells the truth.


It is our friend.


It’s a place from which we can trust ourselves.


Ask it anything in the stillness.


Then listen.


Don’t hijack yourself.


Don’t gaslight yourself either.


Tell the truth.


And if sitting still isn’t your jam, you can easily take your journal and begin to dialogue with your heart.


Let your heart speak.


Respond warmly and politely.


Then thank your heart and thank yourself for listening.


NOW you have information you can use.


Now that you let yourself know what is really going on, what can you do with that?


I hope you do something soon.


If you need a refresher coaching session to get clarity on any issue, or to co-create a plan to get you to your next step, or if you’re just stuck in the same loops – reach out.


Hit reply and together we’ll make something work out for you.


And please, don’t just sit on your dreams.


Love to you,



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