If you’ve longed to write for many years but haven’t done as much as you’d hoped for, that yearning can feel like a heartache that won’t go away. It sits beckoning, asking for you to answer its call.

This was true for me too. I’d kept a journal from the age of 12 and loved literature. As often happens, my career became all-consuming. Along the way I took creative writing courses from universities and continued to keep a journal. But I didn’t yet listen to my soul’s call.

Finally, after I began my coaching business and left a corporate career, I signed up for a blogging workshop and published weekly to my website. A year later and as I improved, I submitted my articles to HuffPost and that felt good.

Let Writing Lead You

My writing journey had a natural, organic progression. The task was to show up and see where it took me, demanding nothing. Had I pushed myself aggressively, there might have been resistance.

I did what my heart wanted and continued to attend more writing workshops. But most importantly, I learned to listen to what wanted to come through me.

By letting writing lead me, I fell more deeply in love with the process. It became one of the most satisfying surprises of my life, and I’m grateful that I listened to the call to follow it.

Now, I pass on what works to women who want to write but don’t do enough of it. I bring variety and playfulness because that sparks creativity and I keep my workshops small so that I can attend to individual needs and bring relevant content.

During the 2 hours, there’s time to write, discuss and share with no critiquing or crosstalk, only warm receptivity toward what’s being said. Perfection is lovingly discouraged.

Past participants tried things that they’d never done before and as a result, surprised themselves with fresh forms of writing and a renewed sense of who they were as writers.

This is not a “how-to-write” workshop. It’s a “how-to-flow” workshop. Gentle. Low-key. Caring. Safe.

Here’s the link to see if this is for you. We begin next Thursday, September 10 at 10 am – 12 pm Pacific and registration closes shortly.

Image by Dorothe.

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