Have you done this?

Someone links or writes an article that catches your attention and you find yourself on their website marvelling at how they have captured their essence in words to tell the world who they are and what they do.

Finding those exact, all-encapsulating words to describe my entire life and self has been a challenge as I tried defining myself to fit into common practice.  

The youmust-brand-yourself specialists, the grow-your-list-or-else marketers, the here’s-how-not-to-be-the-best-kept-secret experts, all had me working on believing them and selling out on myself for a long spell.

Who was I, newbie business owner, to know what to do?

Hadn’t I voluntarily left 35 years of a corporate career to create a coaching practice with zero business skills?

Yes. I had. I was ready to listen and learn.

Was this new world better, two years later?

Once again, I became soul-compromised through endless hours online, seduced by come-hither webinars, 6-figure decoys and believing this was the only road to success.

Be You

Hand me a hammer and show me my head. When will I learn?

If I hate something, seriously tried it and still hate it, can I please trust that it’s not for me?

If it doesn’t feel right, must my body hurt before I look for another path?

I don’t have to choose failure. I have to find a new way.

[Tweet “I don’t have to choose failure. I have to find a new way.”]

Will it kill me to try to do the opposite of what’s popular?

Because the alternative is that if I don’t, I won’t last long.

For the sake of my soul, there are so many other ways I can invent.

Or let me find others who are already doing it and will play with me.

I can trust two things. 

My soul knows. Creativity is limitless.

Ready Or Not

You can have an extraordinary life. You can make up and live what your soul desires. If you show up for yourself powerfully, watch out world.

Coming Up

The 24th Annual Women of Wisdom Conference is in Seattle on February 11-15th. United We Change The World! 

Join me for my 3-hour workshop Living From Our Souls.

In a world that’s trained us to ignore our souls, pressured us to live up to external standards of success and attempting to fit in or please, we often wake up in deep despair, disconnected from what makes us happy, gives us meaning and resonates in our hearts.  Stepping bravely into who we are and living our one true life is the homeward journey to self.  Together, we’ll let go of what we’re still tolerating, play in the sacred field of imagination, images, words and creativity and dive into our soul’s dreams so that we can soar.

Thank You

A big shout out to Meredith Bell. She found me through Twitter, contacted me through LinkedIn. That one conversation changed my life. 

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