Are you a woman who loves writing – the feeling, the experience and rhythm of it?

Have you had a secret dream of writing but have found ways of postponing? Of avoiding? Or of dismissing your longing?

Do you wish you could write more often, but delay?

Perhaps you tell yourself and others that you want to, but don’t.

Or you’ve continued loving writing even though you are frustrated and not moving forward.

Infinite Creative Space

I was there too, and I know how discouraging and dispiriting it can be to keep yourself from what you love.

You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to engage with your psychology to solve this problem.

There isn’t one.

When you learn to be in a relationship with writing as your partner, it will inform you, lead you and open its doors to you.

Then, you’ll have a sense that it is nurturing you and loving you.

No matter what inner dramas go on in your daily life, any amount of writing will be the opportunity you need to inform you and shift you out of your small self and into a more spacious part of you.

The shortest of poems, the tiniest post, the smallest of blogs –creativity will do more than shift a mood. A quiet, gentle, consistent journey is all you need to begin.

Writing will start to come through you from a place beyond thinking into a space where flow appears naturally.

If that appeals to you, then I am glad you are here.


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