It Takes Time To Know Yourself

CORSETRecently, I had the most wonderful conversation with a fellow certified coach, wonderful because it was real and vulnerable.

We are both early in our business-building days. Skilled at many things, we are babies at business-building.  

Getting clear on what we stand for and who we are takes time. 

Clarity comes as you write, speak, exchange with others, test things out with clients.

We are so completely programmed to do what’s expected. 

For example, as a new business owner, I believed I had to fit into the mainstream and use the “right” words.

“Don’t use the word soul. It will freak people out, ” I told myself.

My blogging teacher,‘s Corrina Gordon-Barnes told me to use the word soul – or else I would not be attracting the people I wanted to work with.

That was my breakthrough moment.

Claiming myself and not hiding. What a relief that was.

Self-Discovery Is Never Over

And now, a year and some after leaving full-time corporate employment, I still get hooked into doing the “right” thing and “what-others-are-doing-in-business-and-the-market-place.”

Like what?

Like subscribing to get free e-books on every relevant (or next shiny object?) subject and then being flooded with emails I can’t possibly read.

Luckily, I can (eventually) catch myself – though often a lot of time may pass before I realize that I have gone down the wrong trail. 

So, for those of you who are reading this because you have a body-image or food challenge, or if you have other addictive behaviours, let me tell you what I know. 

What Inner Work Does

feral-horses-602278_640Getting close to the Being part of you, not the Doing part of you, is the answer to much of what ails you and all of us.

Soul-work uncovers your essence.

The place of mystery and creativity that is accessed through the unconscious, through dreams, dream figures, Active Imagination, writing, art – this is the work that gives us clues and shows us who we are. 

Here we learn why we react to things the way we do, why we get triggered. why we stop ourselves from moving forward when we know that it would be good for us.

In other words, inner work reveals why we do what we do so that we can have choice. 

So when you are reaching for that sacred muffin or keeping yourself so busy with work that you have no time for sitting to reflect on the major aspects of your life, be clear that if you allow yourself to deeply discover who you are, your soul will reveal something that will bring you freedom.

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It may very well be that what you are doing in your life is not resonant with your dear heart – and so your addictions kick in.

Over To You

What areas of your life need you to stop and be still?  If you were not busy, what would you explore about yourself that you may be avoiding or curious about?

If you write, I will respond.

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  1. Love this article and agree with your premise. Soul work lasts a lifetime and only gets better the deeper you sink into it

    Thanks for this beautiful reminder

  2. David, I am tickled that you read and commented. I’ve had a crush on your writing for a while now so it means a lot that you wrote. And of course this is the article that I thought wasn’t going to hit the mark. Double thank-you, then.

  3. After a lifetime of chasing who I thought I was supposed to be, I eventually settled into learning who I was. Or at least starting to learn, it’s a long road.
    Thank you for sharing what you’ve learned and encouraging others to find and love themselves.

  4. Monica, thanks for commenting and acknowledging.

  5. Miriam I liked this very much and especially took in the point that if we avoid using words that mean a lot to us (eg soul) then we are not speaking from who we are to those who want to hear it!

    I will think about this as I am sure I self censor in order to please some imaginary readers.

    Then there is the question of Who Am I? In order to speak from Me I need to get close to letting myself find this out.

    Food for thought – thanks

    Kate x

  6. anything with soul written and an image of running horses is going to attract my attention- in a good way!

    Yes I am on an epic journey in my own business, but it only truly became alive and exciting when I made it my own ‘ delicious’. I have ditched the formulas where I can and trying to match myself up with my own business model. It us so liberating . Thank you for this post xxx

  7. Kate, I am learning that the only way to live is to come out and play fully. There are obvious indicators, like returning to something of meaning when you’ve been on another path altogether (accountant becomes a composer), living your values (generously sharing your wisdom if you’ve been keeping it to yourself). And as you said perfectly, it IS all about getting clear and close to yourself, however YOU do that. For me it’s always been through journalling, and I do that with some huge variations that allow me to play with inner characters who have their wisdom and often courage for me. xo

  8. You have sparked such curiosity in me Lisa. To make it your own delicious business and business model. This is exactly where I am. I am going to reach out to you. xo

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