In each of us, the unique seed of the soul sits majestically, or perhaps patiently, waiting to be released.

James Hillman, the Jungian analyst and author, refers to this uniqueness interchangeably as the acorn, soul, or genius.

Too often, the absence of kindness towards ourselves is not in service of the soul, which merits respect and attention.

Instead, we use external measures of judgement and comparison.

As you work towards a new way of living that shifts and quiets your body-food issues, you can keep the flame of purpose alive by knowing that your inner Leader is engaged in building a positive attitude and way of thinking and being.

You Deserve Better

You deserve to develop a relationship with yourself that is loving, friendly, curious and generous.

As leader of your life, you lead yourself into the choices and attitudes that you have, into the actions or inactions you take.

No matter the external circumstances, the inner self is always choosing.

When you abdicate responsibility for your inner dialogue so that it sucks the life force from you with negative thinking, you are still leading – and its impact is devastating.

When you cave into your most compulsively negative thoughts so often formed by the thoughts of others and centuries of conditioning – the Champion Leader within you has abandoned its generative power and service to the creative genius within.

Whether you consider it your internal Leader from Within – the one with clear core values and a strong inner compass – or your internal Leader from Behind – the one who knows how to support and champion others – the Champion Leader can stand up for you.

Perhaps if you considered yourself precious souls and acorn trees in the making, you would call forth the inner Champion and ask for guidance out of the dark spaces that often take you off your path.

You might then hear guidance that would have you reach out to others, and in supporting someone else you would be changing the energy around you, making it a soft landing place for the individual and collective soul.

Reflections for You

How are you choosing to lead yourself today? How are you being your own champion?

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