The soul won’t be rushed by the masculine quality that forces deadlines.

It simply won’t.

You may try to rush the results you think you must have.

But they will be temporary band-aids.

You can try them all you want.

You are not a machine.

When you look for answers about who you truly are, you are looking for your essence.

And your essence is within.

Eventually, in her own time, the soul-seed will bear fruit, become ripe and ready to be harvested.

Not in chronological time, but in what the Greeks called kairos – the right time.

Soul, being a feminine quality, is a process – and process works independently, like gestation.

But if you don’t believe it, go on.

Dig up that seed before its time.

Force yourself upon it.

Impose your mind on your leg and stretch it in ways it doesn’t want to go because you think that would be good for you.

Push yourself to be in a relationship because someone said you should.

Coerce that seed to grow.

Then watch the disaster.

When eventually and hopefully you learn the lesson, you will know that your only job is to notice and nurture the soul.

Let it have a conversation with you.

Let it take you for a walk, draw itself onto your paper, write its story.

Let it move in your body and dance you.


It will dance YOU!

Interact with its cues and let it lead you.

Pay attention, for it is always there.

Trust it more than your mind.

Listen to it through the conduit of your heart.

With love,


P.S. At any time, you can reach out and have a conversation with me about ways to connect with your own soul, and to hear what it wants from you.

If you feel disconnected from yourself, do something that lights you up.

Walk in nature, listen and move to music, read something inspirational.

What you love is one way the soul sends you messages.

Even if you are overeating, the symptom is only a hint and a longing for something else.

Reading the signs is so important to the process of living deeply into our hearts and lives.


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