Living From Our Souls


From Who The Hell You Are 


A Live, Face-to-Face, Online Workshop

for Women 



  9 am – 10:30 am PT


6:30 pm – 8:00 pm PT


When we are true to ourselves, we live well.

Would you answer YES to any of these?

  • Do you avoid saying what you want so you can please others, and if you say no, do you feel guilty or wrong?
  • Do you find yourself in relationships, work or situations that drain you or hurt you?
  • At times, do you feel lost, stuck or even empty?
  • Do you wonder what’s right for you, and often doubt yourself?
  • Do you try to figure everything out and still don’t get clear?
  • Do you ignore how you’re feeling in your body? Or do you ignore your body altogether?
  • Do you feel pressured to be the person others think you should be – peers, the media, family –but not what suits you?

You may be ignoring all the signs that would be easy to read if you knew what to look for.

I spent many years ignoring and stepping over my values, needs and heart’s desires, at great cost.

I overate when I was stressed, instead of doing something about the stress.

I worked in places where values made me uncomfortable, and one day I rolled my car driving too fast on a road with fresh gravel.

I got married and stayed because I thought I should, and ended up having to escape. Yes. Escape.

Being asleep is not an option that works. There is always a consequence.

Finally, I listened to the pain in my body, the wisdom of my heart and made changes.

When you understand yourself and life in a new way, you become free.

You too can have this freedom.

Join me in an intimate and confidential circle of women from the comfort of your home.

Each week, you will practice and discuss a new topic and tool to inspire you and bring you closer to self-understanding.

As a result, you’ll be able to:

  • Act on what is right for you
  • Know what your heart and head want
  • Grow in confidence and ability – empowered for a lifetime
  • Be clear and make sound choices and right decisions
  • Find the seat of your intuition and rely on it
  • Let go of what is not serving you – without scaring yourself to death
  • Deal gently with symptoms
  • Enjoy a life of slower rhythms, patience and ease
  • Allow your imagination free reign to create and play
  • Learn how the unconscious communicates and why it’s important
  • Design a life that supports your deepest dreams
  • Live without regrets

Topics include:

  • Active Imagination & Writing
  • Conscious Femininity
  • Dreams, Images & Fantasies
  • Body Sense
  • Intuition & Wisdom

How one participant’s relationship with her partner and others changed 

Video Summary Points

Living From Our Souls has been transformative.

  • Emotions used to run her life. Now she can step away and back, and find her centre and what’s true for her.
  • After learning the difference between emotion, thought and soul, she shared these distinctions with her partner and they now apply them with each other and their children. She no longer has to get caught in his emotions, nor he in hers.
  • She learned not make other people’s dramas become hers; she now trusts her inner knowledge and it fortifies her.

Though nothing changed on the outside, the new way she sees the world has made life easier.

What other participants are saying about this workshop

  • I learned new techniques that I can do on my own for exploring what is true for me.
  • I have more tools to help me when I feel troubled or unhappy, and to make good choices.
  • I’ve begun to make space for my voice of my soul. It was so difficult previously to see or hear the difference between my emotions, my thoughts and my soul. That has been a truly welcome result of this workshop.
  • The tools we learned have added greatly to me connecting to myself. Setting aside time to do the work together has set a lovely example for my days. I learned to add slowing down and paying attention into my life.
  • What surprised me was the clarity of the inner voice. It came through so clearly when I made space for it.

What was it like to do this workshop live, online and face-to-face?

  • I liked that we could see each other and were not disembodied voices. When I can see a face and expressions, I am more connected. I found a sense of community. I’m not alone in thoughts I have.
  • At first being online was hard but I got used to it and enjoyed getting to know everyone. It felt more real face-to-face than anonymous.
  • I think there is always something missing when it’s not in person. However, I could join the meetings easily. I would have missed sessions if it had been in-person. This was more flexible and doable.
  • It was my first time doing anything with a group online – and I enjoyed it! I think like most of us, that was after getting over the initial awkwardness and self-consciousness.

Chamomile and woman

The Unique Self

In his book Care of the Soul, Thomas Moore writes:

There is nothing more powerful than the revelation of one’s own soul — its individuality, eccentricity, self-expression and passion.

When we don’t express our truth, we suffer different kinds of pain.

To be in touch with the soul, the core of one’s being, is to be attentive to what’s happening in reality and to what matters most.

Instead, we can get caught up in the relentless drive of the ego and ignore what the heart loves and wants, and what it dislikes and no longer tolerates.

To ignore the soul is to go to sleep on oneself, often through addictions such as busyness, overworking, overeating, watching television, surfing the Internet.

But the soul can only be suppressed for so long before it shows up in symptoms, despairing at our lack of attention.

Soul is easy to forget when we get caught up in the relentless rhythms of the world.

The soul is like the acorn seed, already containing the oak tree.

It is who we are at our essence.

The acorn knows itself as the oak tree. It does not long to be a tulip.

The clearer we are about who we are and the closer we are to our true self, the more meaningful and rich our lives.

The alternative is to wake up in later life not having known ourselves deeply or danced our heart’s dreams.

Or to wake up with regrets about how we held ourselves back.

We who are on a path of becoming more conscious, mindful and present to each moment are on a great adventure.

Though our lives are in the external world, the inner world is an infinite source of wisdom, creativity and possibility.

The way to connect with soul or what is soulful or essential is unique for everyone.

We slow down, pay attention and find our own way.

Whether we come to ourselves through nature, dialogue, writing, music, movement, meditation, reading, sports, fixing cars or collecting stamps, what’s important is that we honour who we are and what we love.

The way to home is simple.

There is nowhere to go but to the place inside, beyond thought — the creative source where imagination lives.

Here we find and delight in what we love, what supports our energy and what is distinctly us.

When we dare to express our uniqueness, we experience immeasurable joy and personal, creative power.

From there, we can design a life that supports our deepest dreams.

This is for you if:

  • Deepening your conscious awareness is important to you
  • You have an open mind about new ways of connecting with your inner wisdom
  • You are curious
  • You are willing to apply the insights and tools you learn to your life
  • You are willing to make time for yourself
  • You move forward despite fears

This is not for you if:

  • You love the status quo and your comfort zones are more important than awareness and taking positive action
  • You want to keep hiding in busyness or addictions
  • You want to accumulate more information that you will not use
  • You want therapy. This is not therapy or counselling.

To live with more soul in a culture dedicated to a materialistic and mechanistic worldview, we have to do everything from a deeper, more reflective position…educating our hearts and imaginations rather than our minds. 

~Thomas Moore

You will be closer than ever to your true self, able to know who she is, discover what she loves and give her what she wants.

How wonderful is that?

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