Sad PrincessYou know how it goes. You are at the supermarket waiting for the clerk to deal with the people ahead of you and your eyes land on another miracle quick weight-loss title.

You are tempted to buy the issue because if you can only get a start on your weight loss, it will be easier to lose the rest.

Somehow you have convinced yourself, after years and years of this dance, that when you get slim, anything will be possible.

When you get thin or slim enough, your prince or princess will come.

You will get a better job.

You will get more respect from your family.

Your life will start.

In spite of evidence to the contrary, so many of us lose the weight and don’t get close to having what we wanted.

And yet, we continue to hope that life will change magically when we are the “right” size.

In a way, wishing is better that than the alternative – to feel hopeless, give up and not care about what we look like or if those dreams will ever come true. That’s no alternative.

Where To Go From Here 

The alternative is to get in touch with what matters most to you and to begin making headway towards it.

The fairy godmother that you dream and hope will turn you into a princess –  is you.

If there is nothing new in your approach you will end up in the same place.  

You can do the same thing – focus on the newest diet,  latest exercise fad or go back to another or the same support system you tried in the past. Nothing will change. That’s logical.

If you do not ask yourself why this is not working, you will be stuck repeating the behaviours and going nowhere.

The solution is not to do this better or try harder.

Fairy GodmotherIf you build the life you want, a life that resonates with your soul, your body will follow.

With meaning and purpose in your life, waking up becomes exciting because you get to live a value-filled life that resonates with your heart.

Body beautiful is not a life purpose. It is an outcome of a life well lived.

When I first started my healing process, I didn’t have a dream in me. I didn’t know what I wanted or what I cared about. I didn’t have a life purpose of any kind. I was lost to myself. I didn’t even care.

I know what is possible on the other side of this. A life that makes you crazy with happiness and that makes a difference in the lives of others. This is why I do the work I do.

Here are some questions to consider.

  1. What makes your heart happy? Do you know?

  2. What, as a young child, did you play at that made your heart sing? Did you do it alone, or with others?

  3. What do you care about that you must have in order to feel fulfilled?

  4. Put yourself six months into the future. Standing there, what decisions would you make today?

It is difficult if not impossible to do this or anything alone. In fact, it is one of the biggest take-aways from the Co-Active Leadership Program that I recently completed. Lean on others, create with them, and life becomes easy.

Don’t delay. Contact me today and let’s begin working towards the life that uses all your talents and values and makes a difference in other people’s lives.

Over To You

What are you settling for? Where are you selling out on yourself? What’s the best thing you can do for yourself today?

Leave a comment. Other people need to know that they are not alone.

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