Planning From The Inside

Living Full OutPlanning is essential to get you from here to there – and this can be a tricky time of year if you believe you need to know, decide and commit to the BIG THING you’ll be up to in 2016.

If you’ve got it covered and are easy with your process, there’s no issue.

But if the idea of getting your dreams, business and personal plans neatly tied in a bow stresses you out, as long as its not full-out avoidance, pay attention to that inner conflict.

Even if every headline shouts the same message, it doesn’t make it collective wisdom, though its sheer volume can make you wonder.

If I look at headlines and compare myself with those standards, I lose.

If, however, I slow down and connect with my heart and gut, I find my soul’s way.

Then I can joyfully conceive a vision, design steps, sculpt plans and embody my commitments for new promises and unknowable mysteries.

Bring in the year your way, every day.

Over to You

Do you pay attention to the signals in your body?

Your body will get uncomfortable quickly when you are not aligned with what is going on in your world, inside and outside.

This body discomfort is a marvellous, accurate way to change who you are being, how you are thinking and what you are doing – so that it matches with YOU.

If you can stay present with what shows up in your body, you can take appropriate actions to break free.

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P.S.  Create 2016 your way and make it absolutely fun, joyous and a wildly exciting ride. If not now, when?

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  1. Lovely blog and lovely language!

  2. Great message for the New Year Miriam, thanks

  3. Glad you enjoyed this Caroline. And thanks for reading and for your support.

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