LabrynthAs I prepare to co-lead a workshop next weekend with transformational coach Eric Freiman-Polli on transforming stories of shame to love, what I know is that we are severely harsh with ourselves.

I wish that I could alleviate and erase the ferocity with which we attack ourselves when we don’t live up to what and how we think we should be and do.

And I also wish that our sacred worth could be as obvious to us in those moments, as the fact that those of us who are reading this are breathing.

According to the New Oxford American Dictionary, “sacred” means: “Connected with the gods; regarded with great respect and reverence; holy.”

What if we could step into conceiving of ourselves as worthy of great respect and reverence?

How would we feel, act, think or imagine?

What would that do for us, at those moments of judging ourselves harshly? 

What if we could regard ourselves as we do precious newborn creatures in their first miraculous moments? Would we treat ourselves differently?

Could we hold ourselves as cherished as the cats and dogs we so lovingly adore?

Let’s consider this seriously – our sacred worth. We know what our minds can do with this, of course. So let’s invent something different.

For the next 24 hours, whenever we remember, let us be the recipients of those random acts of kindness we love to read about.

Let’s focus our own kind and loving thoughts and actions toward ourselves.  

And let’s celebrate for even the smallest kindness we give to ourselves, and say thank you, or better yet, give ourselves a high five and a cheer.

Shame was put upon you.
It is not yours.
Your soul need not
be limited by shame.

~Marion Woodman

Over to You

What if you could step into conceiving of yourself as worthy of great respect and reverence? How would your life be like?

Write and let me know.

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