Shallow Relationship With Your Heart? OUCH! (+ audio gift at the end)

Golden heart pendantWhy do we demand of the ego what the ego cannot know and cannot give us?

Answers to the big questions of life are found when our minds settle down like the particles in a snow globe, and when we connect with the depth of our hearts.

When you dip below the surface, beneath the known, endless loop thinking we all do, a different way of knowing and perceiving has a chance of getting through to you.

At those times, it seems that answers come from another level of consciousness — during moments when we’re in flow — immersed in nature, reading, writing, music, a bike ride, building shelves, or whatever your thing is.

Do you notice that when you need to solve that big personal issue right now, it’s most elusive?

Pressure does not work when a deep emotional process or pattern rolls through you.

It’s not a thing to fix.

You are not a problem to fix.

You are not a thing to fix.

It’s a process, and process is its own boss.

You will not rush that butterfly’s movement out of the cocoon.

It isn’t as easy as recognizing that you are in the grip of your ego, that it is triggered and running the show.

Recognizing alone doesn’t get you free of it, but it’s a beginning.

Paying attention and staying with it – not running – helps.

Like slowing down and taking a few deep breaths until you feel settled.

Like checking in with your body to notice what’s showing up for you about the topic at hand, the emotions in the moment, your mood — whatever is going on. That thing that is difficult.

Imagine just witnessing what’s there without judgment.

And then going further, sitting with your heart.

Sitting with your tender heart and bringing it whatever needs attention, whatever is raw.

Laying your moods and concerns there and listening, sensing, noticing what you begin to know from the place that is not only your head.

In this way, you can allow for the alchemy of transformation to begin.

Your tender, gentle heart is bigger and broader than the small ego and thinking mind that we consult so much of the time, and which often confuses us rather than makes us clearer.

We have become so disengaged from our instinctual body knowledge that we need practice to reconnect.

This is true for me, and true for the culture we are in, and the madness that is part of the doing machine of our society, disconnected from the singular soul that is you and that is me.

We drive ourselves without pause, as if we are machines on autopilot, and then we wonder why we feel so terrible so much of the time.

We feel terrible when we desert ourselves and look for answers to our soul’s longings in the actions of other people, as if there’s no one of merit at home in us.

Too much in our society has lost its heart and soul.

We’ve been taught how to do, but not how to be.

Let’s begin to reclaim our natural hearts and inner wisdom.

Heart-centred, soul-respecting people do good things and care for every living, breathing being.

The world needs this from all of us, now.

Big love all around,


P.S. Here is a short audio to help you settle in closer to your true Self. To download, go to the bottom left title, control + left click and save as mp3 file.

And yes, that’s Simon our cat at the end of the audio. Those who have been on calls with me know that my boy loves being around humans.  And though I don’t have a studio, I do have a big hunk of a fancy mic.

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! Resonant voice you are, friend…

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