My mother’s death

was all

I could have hoped for,

for her

and for me.

She did not

die alone.


I wanted

to send her off

on songs and prayers,

to touch her

till the end,

to breathe her

to her last breath.

And so it was.


There are acts

I do well.

This one

I count

among the best.


Other acts

are more difficult

to navigate,

roles I never


acts so simple

and natural,

for others.


I have been called

on the carpet of life

by the Force

that draws salmon

to their natal

spawning ground.

I have seen

into the underworld.

I’ve made messes.

Some are not forgiven.

They need to be held

to the fire of awareness.

I choose to know

I choose to change.

Do not pity me.

I will not flinch.


Send Helpers

for the journey.


What is wanted

of me now?

And how

can I serve

the way

I served her?

Most myself.

Most at home.




Tell me

what You want.


Be clear.


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