There are 3 very big lies that people who have body image and food issues tell themselves. (They are, by no means, the only 3.)

1. A diet is the only way to lose weight permanently. Here are the variations on this theme:

  • If you are not on a diet, you will gain weight.
  • Find the newest magical diet, lose the weight, and then you’ll never put it back on. You promise. (Because of course, how could you possibly do that again after all you’ve done to get slim, right?)

2. Change comes about quickly, instantly – even magically.

You believe, think or hope that as soon as you begin something new, you’ll be an expert. 

“But it’s hard, Miriam,” you say. I hear this all the time. 

So? So what if it is hard?

Did that machinist go to school for 2 months to learn all he knows about metals and fabrication? No. More like 2 years plus a 5-year apprenticeship.

Did the violinist in the symphony orchestra get there after three years? Ask her. It’s been 20 years and she still practices every day.

There are no short cuts when you want a deep transformational change.

3. Once you get to be the right size, a partner (or whatever the dream is) will appear and the happy-ever-after life will begin. 

A good/perfect/wonderful life never began before when you lost weight – or lasted – so what are you chasing this illusion for?

Longterm Change

What I know for sure is that our body-food issues need spiritual solutions.

A spiritual solution attends to what matters and what has meaning and value for you.

A spiritual perspective means looking inward to discover your unique soul – before life shut it down.

When body and food symptoms rear their heads, when you are stuffed so full of food it hurts, it means that you have spiritual work to do.

When food calls, you are being asked to attend to your soul and the life you are living. 

Your soul wants something else for you so badly and you know it.

You know it and it hurts enough for you to drown yourself into a stupor of carbs.

Your soul is shouting at you to listen: ENOUGH! STOP! NOTICE WHAT’S GOING ON!

There is nothing that will free you except for looking at what works and at what no longer works in your life – and making that knowledge conscious.

Then, you can get support and take action for whatever will get your precious and dear soul home to live the life it was meant to live.

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You are as unique as each beautiful snowflake that falls from the sky. 

When you find your unique self and let yourself out of the box, you will find creativity abounding. This I know for sure.

If you want long-lasting results, you are looking for a life-long journey and rediscovery of who you really are. 

Over to You

Are you ready to begin? 

Then come on!

Don’t sit in regret as you get into your next decade, whether you are 17 or 89. It is NEVER too late.

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Top photo: Thank you fellow traveller, Lisa McLoughlin of  for the lovely gift you shared with your readers and me, and for your big heart and generous creativity. 

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