All those hours and years building a coaching business and writing content for my clients, and what happens? I fall in love with writing.

Along the way, I learn about myself – what I care about, what I don’t care about – and I don’t force writing to become anything it doesn’t want to be.

I don’t kill it with an ego desire to publish a book. I trust that if publishing happens, it won’t be my doing anyway.

Writing is not my doing. Writing does me, shows up when I do, and I trust this friend to lead me.

If I try to lead, it becomes another victim of control, and it stops.

Creating anything, whatever way we do that, is an irrepressible force.


There’s nothing in the way.

It is an unlocked door. A lock is something it would not understand.

This new content shift is an unexpected, sudden revelation. Shortly, I will be inviting writers to experience how easy it is to bathe in that amazing, sunlit waterfall that is their creative life.

If you’re curious, send me a private note here and I’ll send you information when it’s available.

In the meantime, may you find your writing heart and listen to what it wants from you.




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