You know you have to work on your website when an external consultant in your organization is about to meet you and tells you on the phone that she has looked you up on LinkedIn and your website.

No!  I wanted to say. I am not ready. That was just a placeholder.

It’s hard to know whether people will care whether you write, dance, sing, play an instrument, or were once a yoga teacher or holistic health counsellor. (Really? What lifetime ago was that? Because you know that it was.)

Okay. I am taking the opportunity. Because if others can blog, surely so can I.

Seriously, have I told you how much I love to coach people to love themselves and give their hearts, souls and talents the breathing space they need to finally express themselves?

Miriam-008Yes, I am in the Coaches Training Institute’s Certification program, and I am being carried by a group of amazing people. Those who have been through this know what love can do.

Will this blog turn potential clients away? Will creative Vancouver artist and creative types look away?

The real question though is frankly – if not now, when? If we can’t be ourselves now, then how long will we have to wait?

And you. What about you? When will you step into your life fully, and taste it, live it.

See you next time. (Is this how you end these things?)

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