Rushing and isolationHave you noticed how we have been conditioned into a way of being in the world that demands that we keep pushing and pushing and going and going without a second to slow down  – as if the only way to get what we want is through non-stop activity?

The balance we seek is not out there in the future.

The balance we seek is available when activity is offset with stopping, pausing, slowing down, noticing, and receiving.

When you pause for even a moment despite the whirling winds of the day, stillness arrives at your door at once.

What do I need right now? One question to begin.

Taking a gentle breath in and out, that simple question brings you calm.

Passing by your spinning thoughts, space appears – a moment in which to receive intelligence from the wellspring of your body.

What do I need in this moment? You continue with curiosity.

During this gap in time, you allow a voice to arise from the stillness, like a soft breeze brushing against your skin.

Tenderness, you hear.

Tenderness, that feeling when you move a strand of hair from a sleeping child’s forehead.

Noticing the deep fatigue from endless thoughts, you make some tea and take your cup to the window.

Here, your eyes settle softly on the simple scene.

You begin to quiet and settle.

Being with what lives within you in this moment, you feel lighter, a sense of homecoming.

You cannot draw energy solely from the outcome-driven mind.

More often than you may be used to, you must attend to the signs of your body, that precious, faithful servant.

When you do, you are fed, watered, fired up again, connected to your intuitive and deeper knowledge.

Tuning in like that is a masterful tool – to breath, to pause, to rest as you go through the business of getting to where you think you are going.

You have now infused yourself with a significant amount of kindness for the long road to mastery and acquisition.

Do This

  1. With hundreds of balls swirling in your head – and when there is more to be done than one person can possibly do – slow down.
  2. Dip into the wisdom of the body with three deep breaths. There you will find calm and focus.
  3. Keep doing this every day, throughout the day.

Change requires practice. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You can do this.

What Does Your Heart Need From You Today?

What does your heart
need from you today?
Are you even listening?
Or is your head
moving through space,
robotic and detached,
until you make time
for your human self?
That empty feeling
and frantic joylessness?
It disappears
with soul-feeding
as simple
as slowing down
to notice
that you
are alive.

What About You?

Are you running off to busy work? When do you promise yourself to look at what you don’t want to look at, or do what you need to do?

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