One day, through the grace that brought me to a friend’s post, I read about a condition I’d never heard about.

In some ways, it was like the relief I felt when diagnosed and treated for depression, or ADHD, or when I found recovery programs for my living difficulties.

With each discovery, my world made so much more sense.

But this information was different in an important way. It gave me context and explained the scope of a lifelong experience. Specifically, how I’d developed the self-perceptions and beliefs that didn’t serve me.

There was a great deal of unexpected grieving and sadness too, but as I kept researching, I began to unlearn self-loathing bit by bit and gentle drop by gentle drop.

I began to soften radically toward myself, and that compassion began to expand outwardly.

Heart Softens Through Grace

Without that opening, without grace and love, my self-identification as a separate, self-hating body-mind would have remained so permanent and concretized, that the truth of the existence of a power greater than myself would not have reached me.

But now I was ready – although writing about a lived experience of a Higher Power is not something I do or talk about directly, if ever.

That said, I’ve been on many routes to a Higher Power, God, Mystery, the Unknown, the Universe, Consciousness, Grace, Love.

None of those words above would have appeared on my pages. I couldn’t even use the word “soul” easily.

We are so much more than concretized beliefs and habits.

As my understanding of what is eternally true expands, the bottom line for me is that because we inhabit our bodies uniquely, there is important work for us to do.

Soften our hearts, care for ourselves, care for each other and create from who we are in this moment.

As we expand our awareness beyond seeing ourselves and others as objects, as we expand our understanding of Consciousness, Grace and Love, as we grow to know that we and everything ARE all that, there’s also this:

Let’s remember self-compassion and our soft hearts daily.

We are a precious creation worthy of tender care.

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