When You Don’t Manifest Money – Or Your Dreams – By The Cartloads, Do You Feel Like Something Is Wrong With You?


Accomplishments and stardom are flaunted everywhere.


What they don’t tell you is what went into the mastery that got them to success.


Do you ever wonder how you might get some of that for yourself?


Maybe if you clear your chakras.


Do past life regression.


Find pictures of your most confident self for a vision board.


Visualize the object of your desire, even while brushing your teeth.


Look for signs.


Take a manifestation course. 


But if you don’t do things like that, are you doomed?


Right Now

What can you do right now that contributes to this tender, precious earth?


When you do that thing, the thing that you can do, that you love to do, even if it’s the smallest thing and imperfect, here’s what will happen.


You will relax and the earth will relax with you.




Exactly as you are.


Make the contribution you care to make in the way that you can.


Be a voice for a sane, natural, and deeply helpful way of being in the world that doesn’t scare you into doubting your ability to create and to make something happen.


You are an unbelievably glorious tree in a wild, emerald forest.


There’s no question that you can create.


Whenever you choose to.

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  1. So true. We’ve been sold that our dreams and passions will make lots
    of money but in truth it seldom happens. We don’t put enough value on being satisfied with the feeling of just creating something and living with the joy of creating.

  2. That’s a beautiful post and so true and so releasing…
    Of course it is possible to make money out of your passions, but that usually happens when you’re busy in the process of creating something and enjoying the journey itself…. The money is a by product of this. ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho really depicts this clearly.

  3. Thank you Miriam for this little lift to my day. It is in the small moments that I can “see” beyond those trees.

  4. Miriam Linderman April 20, 2017 — 1:02 pm

    So happy to have you read this and be inspired, Susan.

  5. Lila, yes, the journey is the journey. The language of the marketplace can be confusing.

  6. Paula, yes, creating is the joy.

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