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Something unexpected happened to me only five years ago.


I had a thought that came through in a whisper.


I’d just resigned from a 40-year corporate career at the age of 60 to start a coaching practice and left straightaway with my partner to attend the first of 4 retreats in a 10-month leadership program.


There, one of the participants told me she thought I’d like her coach.


I went to the website, loved the playful and un-business-y feel of it, and saw that she had a blogging program.


The whisper said, “You’ve always liked to write. Why don’t you sign up?”


My rational mind assured me that blogging was something good for business, so I signed up.


I remember the edits on my first piece, because I could see immediately that I’d misunderstood a major point, and that by seeing it corrected, it stuck with me and made all the difference to my writing.


From there I began a year of writing a blog post a week, and as my writing got better, I applied to Arianna Huffington directly, got accepted into HuffPost, and I was stoked and proud.


Today, writing feels different than it did then. It’s satisfying in an unexpected way.


When I write, I feel it in my entire body, the way the ideas move through me and into my finger tips to the screen.


When I write, I may as well be dancing.


Do you have something that you’ve set aside, or love or used to love?


Something that beckons you?


An old dream?


Something you told yourself you couldn’t do or have?


Something you’ve delayed?


If you think it’s too late, that’s not true.


You can disprove it by countless examples of people who pursued new passions at all stages of life.


I’ve had coaching clients as young as 30 tell me, “I’m too old for that.” Really!


It’s a stunning and unbelievable statement from anyone, let alone someone half my age.


This is such a great example of how we humans get set in our ways through our thoughts.


How calcified we can become only because of what we think!


How easy to say NO and hold to that, seeking evidence for our position.


And how unfortunate too, because it’s only a thought and thoughts are vapour.


In this case, it’s false, and it doesn’t add value to you.


It just makes you feel sad.


Thoughts like that are thoughts to challenge.


Inspiration is bigger than you.


LOVE is bigger than you.


WAY bigger.


If you hear the whisper, if you notice your heart beating faster because something lights you up, TURN TOWARDS IT.


Your job is to say YES.


You’ll be amazed what can happen simply because you opened your door to it.


What’s behind your door?


It’s friendlier than you think.


Take a peek. It’s easier than you think too!

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