Comparison gets us into trouble.

We look outside ourselves to see what others are doing, but mostly we look at who is doing better or more than us.

When we do this, our power drains and we begin to cave energetically.

Comparing ourselves to others can serve if there is something that we want for ourselves because it is authentically us.

We look at people in our own profession and may be inspired to train more, to expand our services, to learn from them.

This amplifies and grows us.

Comparison is unhelpful and sometimes compulsive if we are comparing ourselves with people who are not like us at all.

Here it makes as little sense as a rose wanting to be a tulip.

Whatever we are, we can lean into ourselves.

Stay long enough to know and then express ourselves, as we are, not as what looks successful on the outside.

The rose will never be happy in longing to be a tulip.

And if we are truly going to compare, then here is a great way to do it.

We can ask ourselves:  How am I doing now compared to ten years ago? Five years ago?  Last year? Last month? Last week?

In the place of our dreams and hopes and longings, are we moving toward them?

Are we becoming the person we want to be?

And if not, what can we do to make that real?

What one small sweet step might take us there?

And what if we could be committed to doing whatever was necessary to fill ourselves with thoughts, beliefs, habits, activities and people that support us to be our best lily self?

Can you imagine the kind of a new life that might that be?

And more than even all of this is the fact that when we are attending to our soul and its desires and dreams, we are more than the personas we have built for the world to see.

If you focus on the masks, the roles, the personal egoic self, you will always feel not-enough-ness. 

No one can take our uniqueness from us. 

From there, there is no one to compare ourselves to.

Now we are beyond the ego masks, and into the domain of the heart. 

Over To You

Support yourself in every way possible.  How can you begin that now?

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