At every age you can deepen, grow and change.

Midlife – and beyond – is a special time of life.

You can let go of the masks you donned that once kept you safe.

You can find your true Self.

You can step into creative living.

You can deepen and share your wisdom.

You can love more and with less judgment.

Birth and re-birth go on for as long as you are here – if you are willing.

Settling and tolerating are unnecessary.

Even unacceptable.

So is going quietly and invisibly into old age.

Not on my watch.

Hopefully, not on yours either.

Instead, live the life you have yet to live.

Listen to your heart.

Discover what lights you up.

Take exquisite care of yourself.

Love yourself tenderly, gently, mercifully.

Find your place.

Make a ruckus.

That is my wish, my blessing, and my prayer for you for this coming year.

With love,


Image provided by Pixabay.

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