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We who write do so because we love it. There’s nothing to defend or explain.

You don’t even have to call yourself a writer with a capital W and put performative pressure on it. That can be stressful.

If writing is something your heart yearns for, but you keep stopping yourself or struggling, this workshop will bring you more playfulness, spontaneity and joyfulness.

You may be a beginner or someone who wants to publish. You may have written in a journal for years, attended writing classes, or want a new way of moving with your writing. It’s even possible that you used to love writing, but expectations and stress made you stop.

In this workshop, you will discover what writing wants for you and from you.

Writing doesn’t have to be big, lofty or flawless. We write because we love it. Even a few lines that capture the essence of an experience can feel exquisite and complete to your soul.

Writing has its own agenda, and your job is to notice it, to gravitate toward what you love, and to listen for what wants to emerge from you.

As you get closer to your essence, writing will lead the way and guide you.

When you listen deeply to the inner voice of the soul, you end up dancing in the moment with writing that becomes more organic, intriguing and adventurous.

I will bring you a variety of experiments to encourage more ease and flow, moving you out of your head and into your heart. Later, you will use your intellect and discernment to make your ideas clearer.

The relationship and intimacy you establish with your writing will inspire you and build the trust you need in your abilities.

Workshop Format

My intention is for you to connect to the ease, delight and fascination of writing.

You don’t even need to bring a goal. The only goal will be to get out of your own way and listen for what wants to be written through you.

And you get to do it in the company of a safe circle of welcoming women and with me – encouraging you in person and gently.

During the 2 hours, I’ll be teaching for a period of 20 – 30 minutes. Then, you’ll get a chance to experiment with the ideas and write for 20-25 minutes. If you wish to, you can share your writing, read to the group when you’re done, talk about your experience, or let yourself be silent.

There will be no critiquing, crosstalk or advice-giving during the sharing part. We won’t comment on your style or content, though you can ask questions.

In this small group of women, we will witness and receive each other’s writing as offerings, with deep attention.

My intention is that you…

  • Fall in love with writing as a process
  • Write easily, full of inspiration
  • Sense unmistakably what wants to come through you
  • Discover what you have to say and that saying it matters – even if you never publish a word
  • Feel the endless and infinite nature of the writing life and creativity in your bones
  • Know without a doubt that there is nothing to fix about you in order for you to write

This is for you, if you…

  • Want to write  – no explanation or qualifiers needed
  • Love writing and want to do more of it
  • Keep stopping yourself before you even begin
  • Want to relate differently to your writing
  • Would like to change up your journal writing or to experiment with other forms

This is NOT for you if you…

  • Want to figure out why you aren’t writing and want a psychological answer to something that was never broken
  • Think putting pressure on yourself to write, publish, do it right or hurry will work for you – though it hasn’t reliably done so yet and has stressed you out
  • Want schooling on grammar, punctuation or style. Here, you are free to spell its/it’s and there’s/theirs anyway you want because the objective is flow and connection with your heart rather than perfection

Here’s what you can expect from me:

  • Gentleness, compassion and realness (authentic is overused, so I’m going for real)
  • An introduction to many ways of opening doors to writing and to being receptive to intuition, inspiration, and possibility
  • A safe and gentle environment where you can playfully test out your voice. We will receive you with care and understanding.
  • The absence of shaming, blaming, criticizing or any other dehumanizing acts
  • No teachy, preachy or pushy behaviour – and total permission to poke me if I lose my bearings or have an off day

By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a more playful, joyful and sustainable writing life
  • Engage in a gentle, loving relationship with yourself and your writing as a partner
  • Allow writing to come through you
  • Let go of pushing and forcing yourself to write
  • Relax into the flow of writing

From recent participants:

After 8 weeks of writing guidance that you have gifted me, the negative voices in my head have become quieter. This workshop empowered this ‘lost’ creative to break through the voices in her head that whispered, ‘You are not good enough, you need a writing degree to write, or, you are lofty to even think about writing.’ The conversation has shifted from words of disapproval and self-admonishment, to words of empowerment, joy and enthusiasm for my future writing endeavours. For this I am grateful.”


I was sorry when the workshop ended. I felt encouraged, supported and challenged and was able to appreciate my own writing. I would love to take another writing workshop with Miriam and would recommend it to anyone looking for encouragement and support in a creative, non-threatening and safe way.”

-S. R.

Future Workshops

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