It took me an entire lifetime to stop the work I was doing in organizations and find my ideal work in co-active coaching. Now, four months into this full-time practice, I am sitting busily inside the cocoon and I have to be reminded that it takes the time it takes to get those butterfly wings. It takes the time it takes to find who and how we will serve those whom we can best serve.

Isn’t that what we can’t stand, the fact that creativity, growth, flowering, pregnancy, all take the time they take? This process of discovery is not one we control. Process is in the domain of the feminine which I so need for myself, having come from such a long spell doing what we all do, earning a living, working hard at it, rushing and trying to avoid a life run on autopilot.

We are human, we have heart, we have interests, we are not machines sprinting and racing. Not at mid-life we are not.  Not when peers get ill and die, and parents too. Suddenly, what we do with the rest of this time matters more.

I am up for working lightly. For enjoying my days, loving my clients, and creating from everything and nothing. This is a slowing down, patient, moment-by-moment process that allows me to chose wisely and carefully how I want to spend the energy I have and how I want to offer myself in the world to be of service.

While some tell me to hurry, I sit in quiet contemplation and writing, listening to and finding the soul that hasn’t spoken for a long time. I am waiting for her to find herself and tell me about the next right thing.

What in you is waiting to be heard? What’s your next right thing?

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