If you’ve been around for a while, you know that when you meet a coincidence, you need to pay attention.

While leading a coaching triad last week, one of the women mentioned Kate Sutherland, someone whose work she admired. Curious, I googled her and recognized a kindred spirit. Findhorn, Process Work, Inner Work; our paths had crossed on the experiential plane.

On Sunday, inexplicably finding myself in Ten Thousand Villages on Granville Island, there among a feast of gifts were Kate’s two books. I bought them and something I read changed me.

If you are going to ask for inner guidance, she suggested, then you must listen to what that guidance is telling you. Not to do that – on so many levels – is harmful to self.

There is a need for me to share my journey in a public way, to show up, to be present to what is. I trust that as I voice myself on these pages, the voyage down the river and its tributaries will be of service to others. My beloved coach Bonnie Hill calls this my coming out party. And so it is.    

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