Light Angel

I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.  ~ Michelangelo

When I first saw this quote, I called it My Brand Essence.

I claimed it as central to how I sensed the work and impact of coaching.

It stands even truer today.

For the angel to fly, it has to be chipped away from the illusion that it is a slab of formless marble.

Illusion in the form of stories is everywhere.

Those stories are memories and make belief that harden in our minds, ideas we make up about our world to make sense of it when it makes no sense, and later to place blame.

Old stories harden with telling and retelling, and in the replay they grow increasingly real – even believable.

We can hide in them though they are a mirage, a song on an endless loop.

We can indulge ourselves in whining that we are not enough, not ready, too old, too young, too broken, too male, too female.

Excuses we make will lead to crippling powerless defeat and steadily declining action.

The victim is hard at play saying, “I don’t have enough time,” and then drifts through Internet fog.

What a sad use of the mind and sacred imagination.

You are the angel I see in the marble that gets to be free.

Over to You

If you are stuck in marble and want to do the deep and courageous work of being who you were always meant to be, send me a private note and tell me what your heart wants. Here.

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© Miriam Linderman 2015

Photo credit: AlicePopkorn / / CC BY-ND

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