At the beginning of the pandemic, having nothing to lose (weren’t we going to die from it anyway?) and wanting to do something I love, I created a writing workshop for women.  I did not intend to teach women HOW to write. I wanted us to find ways that would ALLOW us to write more.


I’ve learned from mentors that whatever we attempt flows better when we bring a spirit of play, experimentation, and improvisation. You can count on me to bring various literary forms, ideas, images, music, puppets, objects – anything to get us writing.

Also, I want to encourage you to stop taking ourselves too seriously, worrying about becoming a capital “W” writer. It makes life less stressful, too. Better to be like your cousin Jo who loves to play the piano, only she doesn’t wither because she is not a Concert Pianist. She loves to play and does. Let’s do that.

In addition, when we write without concern for the outcome, our writing flows better and we feel happier. That competitive ego can be a real pain in the you-know-what.


We write for a stretch during each session, and when done, we share what we feel like reading. As listeners, our job is to receive and hear with our hearts. No critiquing allowed. However, I find that we can’t suppress our delight because each writer surprises us with her way of seeing the world.


I want to make it easier for you to trust that what roils in your heart, body and mind is worth capturing on the page. Pressure cookers are for beans, not humans. We don’t need to burst with what’s going on inside of us. By expressing what’s on our minds and in our hearts, we give that inner pressure space and may discover that we will be continuously surprised by what comes out.

When written and shared in a safe and respectful setting, our words transform us and those listening. To write is to honour and respect ourselves. Making a start, we find ourselves evolving through some mysterious alchemy, just by moving forward.

What writing will bring you is unknowable.

The surprise is worth every effort.

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