How are these connected?

Have you tried to look into your treasure house of imaginative playgrounds when nothing seems right?

What restores you, on a day when the skies pour rain, or hail, or sun – and yet, the mind steadies its grip on you?

Can you call then on a kaleidoscope of colours to bathe your fickle brain into an uplifted moment or two?

Try then to sit with what is, to pay attention and stop. To pay attention and listen to what is roiling, or even that it is roiling inside you. And when you do pay it homage, that bit of polite noticing, just to say to yourself, ā€œIā€™m off and not quite right tonight,ā€ notice how that touch of honesty frees up your heart again.

Nothing will do but to say it is so, and to do it with words, or songs, or paint or gentle conversation. To tell our truth to ourselves however we do it, will reconnect heart and mind, and free us up again.

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